Thursday, December 17, 2015

LETTER - Mike Ennis, Supervisor, Distrist 5, Tulare County

Mike Ennis, Supervisor, District 5
2800 West Burrel Avenue
Visalia, CA 93291
Phone (559) 636-5000
FAX (559) 733-6898

January 27, 2009

Dear Mr. Ennis,

I am contacting you having exhausted all of other resources available to me. I thank you in advance for any help you can provide in resolving the problem which is life threatening.

I live at Cedar Slope, which is up the hill from Camp Nelson. For several years now I have requested that the road in front of my house be kept cleared of snow at least to the extent that we, myself and my son, can get out occasionally and take walks. My son, Arthur, is disabled having suffered two major brain injuries. I am his caretaker and am myself disabled having had two heart attacks, a corneal transplant, and a stroke.

Arthur is a quiet young man whose main recreation is attending the Bible Study Class in Camp Nelson on Wednesdays. I work from home, though of late there are far fewer free lance writing jobs on the web.

For two years now I have complained to the local homeowners association, which I understand contracts with the county to keep the roads passable. The individual who holds the contract is Ed Black.

When Black clears the road he is careful to run the blade as far from my driveway as possible, forcing me to shovel out half way into the street. That would only be annoying but he also runs the truck on which the blade is mounted back and forth without the blade being down, compressing the snow on the road into black ice, which makes walking hazardous. Last year Arthur fell down while we were trying to get into a car and could have been seriously injured.

On many occasions when we were taking a walk the build up of black ice made it necessary for us to turn back. My son has fallen and been unable to stand up again. All of this is due to the build up of black ice caused when Black 'clears' the road. The first two years I was living here this was not the case. The roads were scraped enough so that ice did not build up. Since Black runs his truck back and forth frequently without using the blade this leads to the logical conclusion that this is intentional.

I have called the number given me for road management. I have requested that Black clear the road so that they are usable to us as well as those who only use quads. I have been ignored. I am now refusing the pay the bill from the water company, which also pays for clearing I did not receive. I am hoping you can resolve this so that I do not have to seek legal counsel.

We are living here because of necessity. Moving is not an alternative. Under the Americans with Disabilities Act I have a right to access my home and a right not to be harassed by those paid by either the homeowners association or the county. I have been patient but this Christmas we could not get out and Arthur missed going to any festivities. He was sadly disappointed since his opportunities for socialization are severely limited.

Please help us resolve this matter quickly and with as little contention as possible.


Melinda Pillsbury-Foster

POB 2214
Camp Nelson, CA 93208

NOTE:  I received no response either to this letter or from my numerous calls. This year we will, again, be unable to get out as Black does not clear the road except in the upper part of the subdivision.   

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