Saturday, March 12, 2016

A Look at the Neighborhood

At 6:16 this morning these were the available WiFis on Circle Way, Cedar Slope.  Mine are Harriet and the HP-Print-88-Officejet 4630 is my printer. 

This is especially interesting because no one is staying at any cabin around here - except for us.  Personally, I think both the other  routers, or other wifi devices are at the Greenfield cabin.   Greenfield Cabin 5.4 and FBI Surveillance come and go but generally travel together, appearing one after another and staying around while my AVG repair goes nuts keeping this computer operating.  Why would that be?  

11:57am - Hey!  Where did Greenfield and FBI Surveillance go?  They all of a sudden disappeared.  I wonder why?

12:01pm - And guess what????  No more huge piles of hacks to be  handled.  Must be a conincidence, right? 

Friday, February 26, 2016

FBI Surveillance again showed up after several days of absence

The former Greenfield Cabin G2 was not in evidence last night and had not been for several days before, though I could have missed him. I only look very occasionally.

Cedar Slope used to be, for me, synonymous with happiness, safety and the companionship of good people.  That is, of course, no longer true.  It will never be so again, but I will tell the stories of the community which existed here. Now, this tiny place, so beautiful externally as it is, set in an alcove of quiet,  seems like a world of greed, ugliness, deceit, a nightmare overtaking everything which makes us human. 

I have learned to see adversity differently now.  In all things, Christ is present and God, the Father, is acting.  

The call to Oneness with God and each other is the Gift of Him who died for us on the cross and so opened the door to a people lost, our ancestors.  

No longer the God of Israel alone, the message for salvation was extended to all, either then living or yet to be. 

But those who refused to hear remained in the world, focused on greed and sins, destruction, war and corruption.  Understanding this and recognizing the Oneness of the real humanity, those who love, live in conscience, empathize with the pain and needs of others, is the call of Revelation.   



Thursday, February 11, 2016

FBI Surveillance was again in evidence - 5:05am and still now at 5:28am February 11, 2016

It does make you wonder.  Why would John Greenfield change his wifi to something so silly?  But life is, as they say.

I'm walking a little, meaning to the end of the drive way without a cane.  Progress.  

The snow is nearly all melted around here and the temperature is definitely on the up tick.  Building in this area is insanity without using materials which are absolutely fire-proof and resistant to the other challenges high propensity fire areas present. 

The meeting in NY went well and this problem may soon have a set of solutions which are affordable and effective. 

Also, the electric services has gone out nearly as often as a politician lies.  I have learned, as is common with utility companies, there have been no upgrades in the infrastructure, only repairs. 

Utility companies are legally immune from the damage caused by their failure to maintain their infrastructure.  Neither company responsible for fires causing billions of dollars in damage in the last decade paid a penny for damages.  

With the potential for fire in high chaparral and mountain areas, especially those with a heavy representation of dead trees, getting the power lines out and going off grid should be a no brainer. 

This article mentions the impact of fire and other problems with these issues.  

The Bush Legacy of Death 


Wednesday, February 10, 2016

FBI Surveillance popped up between 3am and 4:36am today, February 10, 2016

Why FBI?  Why not CIA?  The FBI did pop up just after Greenfield Cabin G2 disappeared so, logically, these events would appear to be related. 

Of course, there are probably ways the Occupant of the cabin activating the wifi connection could do so remotely.  Not being a paid hacker I would not know.  But I know people who are hackers, so I will inquire. 

Hackers hack.  This includes illegal and unauthorized accessing of computers by various means.  From my experience with Morgan and Sidney Blumenthal and his minion I know for a fact keyloggers and other sneak programs can provide illegal access and be used to steal, and eliminate, data. They can also, evidently, eliminate inconvenient documents from websites.  This would also be a hack.  Illegal. 

I just checked.  FBI Surveillance has disappeared again.  It is 4:45am.

If this was the owner of the cabin below me, John Greenfield, and this is supposition, he could be performing professional, if illegal and covert, duties on behalf of a client.  The client might be Green Hills Software, Inc., or Craig Franklin, or both of them since they have a long history of engaging in cover-ups to immunize themselves against the consequences of their actions.  More on that later.  

Now, on to the subject at hand.

Sidney Blumenthal uses the handle SBwhoeop.  You could just google this to verify but instead I will provide some evidence.  Read on. 

This is one of the documents I had never looked at Morgan sent me in 2002.  It is titled, 20020115sbwhoeop. It denotes a chat between Sid and Gene Gaudette, who contacted Morgan during this period and persuaded her to out Fund.  He also put up the original Ruthless People site for me.

The two journalists under discussion are Lloyd Grove, then at the Washington Post and Jim
Romenesko.  Lloyd Grove reported on the relationship between Morgan and Fund,

Romenesko did not and did not recall receiving the email from Gene Gaudette. 
Blumenthal was using this handle during the Clinton Administration and continued to use it.
He set an email to Morgan on Date:6/23/2002 7:24:46 AM Eastern Standard Time.
This was the email which enraged Morgan and moved her to hack Blumenthal's computer 
eventually resulting  in her discovering Blumenthal was working with the Clintons to keep
Saddam Hussein in Iraq so the invasion could go forward. 
Morgan was still sending some emails on to me in early 2003, after we had made the mistake 
reporting these activities to the CIA through my dear friend, Shelley's husband, Donald Steury, 
always said he was the Historian at the CIA.  Now Donald is president of the Society for History in
the Federal Government. 
Donald also writes books
After the Iraqi Invasion, when no indictment of Blumenthal and the Clintons took place, I realized 
I had been too trusting.  Is that an understatement.   GHS provided the documents needed to destroy 
Morgan's credibility, and my own, and then, surprise, began receiving big government contracts. 
So, why do you suppose John Greenfield, or whoever, did not use CIA instead of FBI? 


Tuesday, February 9, 2016

FBI Surveillance again makes a WIFI appearance - Noticed at 5:45am today, February 9, 2016

And a history lesson of interest to those following unfolding events. 

In this area, as you might imagine, there are few wifi connections available.  We account for two here, the first Harriet, named for my great-grandmother Harriet Foster Pillsbury.  Harriet was a descendant of at least nine of those accused of witchcraft during the 1692 Trials held in Salem.  Salem paid reparations for these wrongful prosecutions, the theft of property, and wrongful death in 1711.  

This marks the only time in history when anyone admitted to having violated the rights of individuals so accused.  But since that is not nearly as exciting as viewing these mostly staunch and committed Congregationalists as imps of the occult that is not generally known.  

While the original 'accusers,' including Abigail Williams were  young girls who are now generally believed to have become exciting by the fortune telling of the Indian slave, Tituba.  The girls involved were 12 and younger.  

Adults involved noticed that since these were capital offenses the property of those accused could be seized without even bringing them to trial.  The names of those accused over the year period began with vulnerable women living in poverty and ended with the wife of the Royal Governor, Sir William Phips, who was appointed Governor of Massachusetts just prior to the Salem Witchcraft Trials of 1692. 

The first action taken by the accusers, the adults at least, after Governor Phips called the whole thing off, was to rush to the Governor and beg his protection from the just retribution which, they said, would soon follow.  The Governor refused and no such retribution ever took place.  

But a long lasting impression had been made on the accused and their families.  It would be five generations before there were any marriages between the descendants of the accused and their accusers.  

Many prominent members of the Transcendental Movement were descendants of the Accused.  My family included abolitionists, activists for the rights of women, educationists and more, all descendants.  The accusers appear to have produced a significant number of politicians, as opposed to those who serve their communities locally with little or no compensation.  

I came into this story while visiting the North Andover Historical Society in the early 90s.  I noticed the number of deaths taking place in my family lines in 1692 and asked if there was a plague that year to account for this.  The two librarians said they had never seen so many of the accused in one person's genealogy.  

This subject had never been discussed when I was young, though Harriet, who received her M.D. from the Women's Infirmary of NY in 1880, was fondly remembered.  A life-long supporter of the rights of women she died in 1917 never having been able to cast a vote.  

Today, what was once South Andover purchased the right from the original Andover, MA for $500.  Harriet attended Bishop, which is now part of Phillips Andover Academy.  

So much still be be accomplished, you know.  The Equal Rights Amendment still has not been ratified and human slavery remains rampant around the world.  These problems, and others, need to be resolved.  I try to do my small part. 

And may I recommend the work of Andrew Kreig, a respected journalist who started the Justice Integrity Project and wrote Presidential Puppetry, the book which brought the assassination of John F. Kennedy by the CIA out of dismissal as 'conspiracy theory, and into the mainstream acceptance of a growing number of Americans.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Little House on the Prairie and Freedom

I could not get up to the cabin at all until 1997 because of the problems arising from the rebuilding of the house in Northridge, Anne's death,  and health problems of my own.

Additionally, I had agreed to put on a conference for the Republican Liberty Caucus in Santa Barbara in October of 1995.

Roger MacBride, and old friend of mine, had asked me to do this when we attended the conference the previous year in Tennessee.

I had met Roger when he was running for President of the United States as a Libertarian in 1975.

Roger was then producing the Little House on the Prairie, television series. Roger owned the rights to the books by Laura Ingalls Wilder, which he had inherited from his adopted grandmother, Rose Wilder Lane, Wilder's mother. We had kept in touch, talking about events within the Libertarian Party which worried both of us. These centered around the sudden appearance of the Koch Brothers of Koch Industries and the introduction of a candidate who was the head of Arco's (Atlantic Richfield Company) division of law Ed Clark.

Everyone liked Ed and I knew both Ed and his wife, Alicia, personally. But he could only commit to three months of a full time campaign and the candidate proposed by Roger, Bill Hunscher, was willing and able to run full time for a year and a half, assisting with the need to obtain full ballot status and assist local organizations. This was how Roger, himself had run in 1975 – 1976.  His campaign plane, which he piloted himself, as the No-Force One. 

The Koch brothers had hired Edward H. Crane, III to run the campaign for Ed Clark. By 1978 many of us in the Libertarian Party had come to realize Crane was not to be trusted. The Kochs dealt with these objections by naming Crane Director for Public Relations instead of Campaign Manger. But this shuffling of titles did nothing to change the lineup for the campaign and the outcome of the election.

Crane stole the nomination using the same techniques used today routinely by the Kochs. Koch delegates were packed into the convention, their expenses paid for by the Kochs.

I met both David Koch, who was running for the vice presidential nomination so they could spend more on the campaign, and his older brother, Charles.

Roger had arrived in Los Angeles sometime before and as Southern Vice Chairman of the Libertarian Party and also Chairman of the San Fernando Valley region for the LPC, I had put on a Birthday Party for Roger, a barbecue at a VFW Park there. Attendance was great with lots of local delegates to the convention soon to be held, attending.

But the delegate count, which I was helping carry out for Roger, was not good. By the time the convention was beginning I had to tell Roger we had lost.

Eventually, Roger left the LP, disgusted by what he saw taking place. I also left for the same kind of reasons. I joined the Republican Party in 1988 and became active in the National Federation of Republican Women, over a million members strong.

The kind of long-term, cooperative effort Roger and I shared builds bonds that last and this is one of the reasons we stayed in touch over the years.

Roger died in February of 1995. I was determined to do the conference and begin it with a memorial service for him. This ate up 1995 into 1996 because of the irregularity of our income, which had actually smoothed out after 1992.

Both the Memorial Service and the Conference, with twenty speakers from across the country,  were memorable and brought insights.  

1994 - The Back Story

1994 - The Back Story

        All of the statements made here are backed up with third party testimony or documents from either a court of law or other sources.  I attest under penalty of perjury that all of the evidence presented is true and factual to my best knowledge. 
               Additionally, the parties named have known these facts had been published and never contested that they are true- Melinda Pillsbury-Foster
           On January 17 the Northridge Quake caused $250,000 in damage to our home there.  The insurance company tried to claim they had canceled our insurance because we had moved.  
         In March my sister Anne had a heart attack in Tokyo and I went over to be by her bedside.  Two weeks after I arrived we found out she was brain dead.   

 Anne and the Gifts Life Brings

         Additionally, I had made a promise to an old friend and needed to keep faith with him.

Little House on the Prairie and Freedom
Little House on the Prairie and Freedom

         We had moved to Santa Barbara in 1993 and and had  just put the house on the market.   That year I made one trip up to the cabin to have a local contractor start plastering the walls.  Nothing had been finished when we bought the place in 1989.  In October of 1994 the contractor suffered a stroke and so work did not continue.  No one called me and the place was not winterized because Bob had agreed to do this, as he was to work through the winter.  The pipes broke upstairs, causing a flood which took down the ceiling in every room on the first floor, along with other damage.  
        Our insurance company, Prudential, refused to honor our cabin insurance.  I later found out many victims of quake were suffering this kind of evasive tactics.   With one thing and another, I had surgery, and my husband's commissions from work were strangely irregular,  I could not go back to the cabin until September 1997.
       One of those things was a conference I had promised to put on for an old friend.  

September 14, 1997 
     Accompanied by my daughter, Dawn, we cleaned the cabin out.  The black mold made us sick the contractor I called for an estimate told me we needed to remove all the drywall.  I put it on the list of things to do.  I had found out why his checks were sometimes a big ZERO.   I wrote this about the experience.  You're Not Paranoid – The IRS is out to get you.  But the real problem, I soon realized, was Craig.  Incidentally, the first check I got back from the IRS was for $44,000.00

Craig left me after the family spent Christmas together in Hawaii in 1997.  I was stunned.  I thought all our problems had been solved.  The divorce would cost me, in legal fees, $600,000.00.  Which should, logically, cause you to ask yourself how much Craig should have been making if the IRS had not been taking nearly all of it.

The answer is about a million dollars a year, by his own statement from his Sugar Daddy Profile, bottom of this page.   But that was piddling when compared to what he would be making once he and Dan O'Dowd, the president of Green Hills Software, Inc., had finished stealing the company from Dan's partner, Glenn Hightower.

Craig also had open use of a corporate credit card for which he did not need to report as long as what was spent was less than he brought in.  That was a lot of credit, effectively additional salary.  It occurs to me this needs to be reported to the IRS.  

The two men, Craig and Dan, entered into a conspiracy to defraud Hightower by making it impossible for him to exercise his right to buy Dan out at the amount Dan named, which was 47 million. The company was then worth 350 million.

Craig's job was to organize a walk out of critical personnel.  In the software business critical personnel cannot be replaced because they walk off with the capital of knowledge in their heads.

The deal cut between Craig and Dan a "Throw Mama From the Train," gambit.  Dan agreed to create a false stock option agreement for Craig to replace the one he had already received.  This could mean the stock was not marital property.

The options had been granted the previous year for work already done.  Craig, Senior Vice President, had gotten the largest grant.  Craig told Dan he wanted to leave me homeless on the street.  Dan was happy to help him.

Hightower did sue. You can read the entire law suit on this page. Scroll down to Exhibit 7. He lost because he did not contact me.  I had proof of the fraud.  Morgan had made a recording of Craig gloating about their cleverness. I sued, but was forced into a settlement which proved to be intentional fraud on the part of Dan O'Dowd and Green Hills.

But first, depositions were taken.  This deposition, taken but never certified, would, in 2003, be handed over to a Bush Administration operative illegally.  For their cooperation Green Hills began receiving government contracts as their industry continued to languish in the wake of the .com bust.

Note drop in income and then surge in 2003.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

A Light in the Greenfield Window at 6:41am - and wifi connection denoted as, "FBI Surveillance. "

From:  Gawker 

COMMENT - And the Fab Five appeared as having visited this post within nanoseconds of posting. Funny.  Are they worried I might post the Hillary story?  Hadn't thought about it. And actually now I am writing a book about the experience using more recent research. 

And at 8:00am the FBI have disappeared.  Probably went on a coffee break. 

11:54pm - They're back.  Long coffee break.

8:09pm -  Gone for the moment.  Will they be back as the CIA?  

It is important for everyone to express their creativity and sense of humor. But does asserting your individuality really need to involve giving your wifi network a wacky name? And do you really need to call it "FBI SURVEILLANCE VAN?" You're freaking me out. 

17-year-old Florida resident Jared Cano was arrested Tuesday for attempting to blow up his high school. It's a generally disturbing story, but one bizarre detail in particular made my hair stand on end. Two days before he was arrested Cano posted on his Facebook that his friend had tried to connect to a wireless network and spied a wifi network named "FBI_SURVEILLANCE_VAN." He was understandably creeped out, as you can see in the screenshot above.

Is the FBI really so dumb that they gave themselves away to a mark like this? Unless Inspector Clouseau has taken over for Robert Mueller, this was not a surveillance van, but a joke by some neighbor. Naming your wifi network after a surveillance van is such a common gag that Mashable included it on a list of "best wifi names". The butt of the joke this time happened to be a guy who was at that moment scheming about how to one-up the Columbine massacre. All a strange coincidence!  MORE

So, is the FBI over there in the Greenfield cabin - or is there a more rational explanation?  

Time will tell, it always does.   

Thursday, January 14, 2016

How Curious - Greenfield Cabin G2

Presumably when the cabin below me, owned by former President for the Cedar Slope Mutual Water Company, John Greenfield, is unoccupied the router and satellite are shut off.

And since recently I had to restart my router because of those curious electrical outages for which Southern California Edison could find no cause you would think the wifi access for the Greenfield Cabin could never thereafter appear on the list of possible online connections available since it did not for some days after this event. 

But there it was, again, this in the middle of the week when the Greenfield Cabin is, by all appearance, vacant.  Appearances means Greenfield is not running his Quad up and down the hill.  I have never seen him actually walking and he certainly appeared to be one of the people assisting Ed Black in the production of Black Ice recently.  See Black (Ice) Edward

My experiences with John Greenfield have been consistently unpleasant dating from the first in the early 90s when he came up to say hello while the entire family was here for a few days.  Even Craig was here.

The only thing which stuck in my mind was Greenfield's making inappropriate remarks, almost advances, toward my then 15 year old daughter.  After that I had no interest in advancing the acquaintanceship.  

Moved to curiosity through the appearance, generally late at night, of Greenfield Cabin G2, I googled Greenfield.  A John Greenfield appeared in Linkedin.  His picture coincides with what I remember of the the John Greenfield in the cabin below me.

 This John Greenfield, who may or may not be the owner and operator for Greenfield Cabin G2, more research is necessary to nail down this as fact, works at Practical Law Company, a "Thomson Reuters Legal Solution" providing services in a diverse number of areas around the globe. 

This John Greenfield has 381 connections through Linkedin.  Five people known to me, all with connections to the legal profession, have 2nd Connects to Greenfield.  Given what Greenfield does for a living this is not surprising.  But it is the first time this many connections have popped up when I do not also know the 3rd level Connect.  Greenfield has 361 1st Connects.  I have 1,161 1st Connects, a fact unknown to me until now.

Below is John Greenfield's Summary

"Sales and management leader consistently exceeding sales quota for companies delivering legal solutions. Direct development and growth of staff while also maintaining oversight and management of strategic accounts.

Excel in turning around underperforming accounts and territories. Contribute to existing, as well as, startup environments, including achieving 100% of quota in first 9 months for Practical Law Company’s US launch.


Trial Consulting
Legal Research
Online Database Sales
Document Management
Electronic Data Discovery (EDD)
Electronically Stored Information (ESI)"  

Interesting.  And research continues sporadically - or when I can sit up.

Just looked - Greenfield Cabin G2 disappeared.  

Arthur and I are watching the six part film of  Pride and Prejudice right now.  Last night we viewed Part II.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Arthur is Discouraged

It is snowing this Sunday morning.  Although there was no chance we could have made it to Church because I can't possibly dig us out Arthur was disappointed.  To cheer him up I made one of his favorite breakfasts, Eggs Benedict.  

Although he spends time quietly reading his Bible he really wants, and needs, the community with other people he finds with attending church regularly.  This is also true for me.  

But for both of us we know God is in our lives and hearts and hears our prayers.  

Please hold us in your prayers. 

Friday, January 8, 2016

Arthur is diligently shoveling

I don't have the heart to discourage him but he is out there, not even past the car.  It is pretty deep.  I hope he does not fall down because it is very difficult for him to get up and it would be really tough for me right now.  

I used to park the car at the end of the driveway to reduce the need for clearing.  That was before the brake lines were cut.  

Last night the electricity went off twice, incidents for which Southern California Edison had no explanation.  I told them what is going on and they made notes and told me to file a police report.  Ha.  If Rob Winters could not get here to file a report because of the berm Ed Black built and refused to make a report on that or the other incidents it is not likely this Deputy will do so.  He already refused to file a report on the damage caused by the same 'little black elf' who pulled down my satellite, masturbated in plain sight and such.  

But I wrote something up and sent it to higher authorities, outside the county with whom I have developed lines of communication.  

Otherwise, the pain is not going away so maybe my nurse friends are right.  But otherwise things are going well.  New website nearly up.  


Eventually, a book, if I live long enough

Tuesday I got up and Arthur had shoveled enough of the driveway to allow us to get out without my having to do anything.  It made me nervous, but we were running out of food and I well knew Black Greenfield and others wanted nothing more than to know we were starving and freezing.  Just call it the CSMWC Cabal.

Why else would they have worked so hard to ensure the road was entirely impassible?  When things do not make sense do more research, that is my motto. 

A week earlier I had fallen on the black ice Black had expertly produced on the drive way, falling right on my hip.  The pain was so bad I had to crawl to the cabin, falling several more times.  But it did not go away, which as what I had expected. 

When you know there will be no help you have to do what needs doing.  

I got in the car, gritted my teeth and drove up far enough to ensure we could make it out.  

Black had made sure there was the standard build up at the steep places but I gunned over it, careful not to accelerate too much.  Dangerous?  Yes, but I had no choice. 

We arrived back at the cabin just as the first slushy snow was falling.  I saw Black's boot prints at the edge of the road, where he could peer down and see the cabin and my car.  

Inside, I took more pain pills and  got the food in and after that I do not remember much.  Pain pills do that to me.  

I have a lot to do in the next few days and although we are monumentally snowed in I will not even leave the cabin. 

I have two friends who are nurses.  We talk routinely and in the next day or so they asked me what was going on.  I told each of them.  They both independently listened to my description of the pain and think I have suffered a minor crack to the pelvis.   

Stay off of your feet, they advised.  I am, as much as possible. 

If you do not see something published here please call the electric company to make sure the line has not been tampered with.  I'm not taking any more chances.  

Please read the below with attention.  Thanks,  Melinda 

Ed Black and what you need to know about dealing with him.

I probably first met Ed Black at the time he began offering 'security' services at Cedar Slope. I have no specific recollection of this meeting but it must have occurred after we purchased the cabin in 1989.

At the time I began paying him for 'security services,' this was by check, he must have given me one of his signs to post in the window of the cabin.

In 1993 I hired Bob Weyland (spelling?) from Camp Nelson. I was paying Bob $1,000 a month for work which needed to be done on the cabin. This included putting in bathroom fixtures, taking out the sliding glass doors on the porch, replacing them with double-paned windows, running the floor all the way across the second floor, putting up drywall and plastering, which we agreed would have a kind of old English cottage look to it. Bob was a very nice person who also made ingenious wooden items at his home in Camp Nelson. I took my youngest son, Justin, down there to visit him and we came away with two stands carved to look like a butler holding a round serving place and a dog holding a plate in his mouth. Justin also wanted a profile of a bear and cubs we could put up so that went on the pile of purchases with items for inside the cabin, toilet paper holders for the two bathrooms and three wooden trash containers, with lids. Bob also gave my son a charming carved vehicle, not painted but finished and varnished.

It was nice excursion and Justin and I talked about it and where we would put the items when they were finished and delivered. Bob was to make these for us and bring them up to the cabin since he was working on the place regularly.

The work went well. I had no time to come up and look except the once because at the beginning of 1994 the Northridge Earthquake destroyed our former residence, then going on the market, in the San Fernando Valley. In the same year my sister, Anne Gripp, had a heart attack in Tokyo during the orchid show there. Anne owned the Santa Barbara Orchid Estate and many of her clients were Japanese so this was a big event for the company.

She and I had planned to take our kids to Disneyland the day after she returned.

I did not generally call Bob, he called me when necessary for some reason. Our arrangement was for him to work through the winter and for him to take care of the winterizing. This is why I did not know about it when he suffered a heart attack and soon after died.

My first inkling was when I was told there had been a flood in the cabin taking out the entire ceiling, so newly finished on the first floor. I hired Ben Ray to handle what needed to be done immediately to repair the plumbing. The rest had to wait.

The reason for this was my husband's non-filing of our IRS returns.

You're Not Paranoid – The IRS is out to get you.

Craig turned the cabin over to me during the divorce. He had bought it as a 'gift' for me and there was ample documentation this was the case. But now that I know what he is really like I understand this was also intended to become another means of rendering me homeless.

Craig told multiple people during the divorce this was his goal to see me in fuzzy slippers pushing a shopping cart. One of these people, Anne, sent me a copy of an email documenting this. This statement, by Craig, was made ten years after he left me. Craig never gives up.He also told the same woman he was considering hiring a hit man to kill both her and myself.  

Exhibit 29d - Letter from Anne Fisher, warning Craig may kill Melinda

Craig has used multiple individuals to 'get' me. With Green Hills he has plotted out elaborate schemes and spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to achieve his goal. Until recently it did not occur to me he could have been involved in what is happening in Cedar Slope. Now it has and I have found no evidence this is not the case and much which supports the supposition.

Back to Ed Black.

Around 2002 – 2003 I paid Ed Black to put a new roof on the cabin. I paid him $10,000 for this. My bookkeeper wrote the check.

Black was always respectful and helpful and I would have said he was hardworking, and trustworthy. I hired him to cut wood and do clean up for me. I kept paying him for 'security' after my cabin was stripped of valuables. I fired him when he walked into the cabin using the key I had given him to check on the cabin in my absence. He knew I was there, having to have walked around my car to get to the door.

I do not know what he could have been thinking – but clearly he had something in mind.

Black had realized I was broke and defenseless.But was there something else, too?

How much would Craig have paid to know I was being harassed and terrorized? He would have wanted updates frequently, as he had gotten from other people he hired.

At this point I learned from one of the women who Craig had first seduced and then destroyed financially he was paying multiple women $5,000 a month just to be sexually available to him. I have the names and can contact them, In fact, I have contacted some of them.

More as research continues.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

In the Numbers

No matter what time of day I post within a minute of two five separate individuals pop up.  Unfortunately, on a blogspot site I cannot see where they are coming from.  On other of my sites I can place them to the county.  A similar pattern appeared on another site hosted on a regular website.  Curious.  It is always nice to have more information. 




Always look for the motive and facts not in evidence - yet.

The more I look at the time line and the bizarre behavior in which the Cedar Slope Mutual Water Company Board are engaging the more I am persuaded this is not at all random.

I can only assume they refused payment offered for the service of snow clearing. They did not contact me though I asked they do so via email.

Returning to the time line it becomes clear they allowed Ed Black, who really should be on the State list for Sexual Predators, to use the service of snow clearing, or in his case the optimal production of Black Ice to harass me, beginning in 2007.

Then, I could call the County to complain. That changed in 2009. See article on this.

In a matter of conspiracy to commit a crime renders all parties responsible for all the acts of those engaged in the conspiracy. Does this mean all of the Board members from 2005 until today should also be registered as Sexual Perverts? No data on this yet. That they are just credulous is also a possibility.

I can sit up longer now as the pain from the injury to my leg is slowing subsiding. I finished the Intro letter for the Energy Forum we are planning. This will include all issues - complete overview of the economics, technologies, medical impact, legal issues, disasters, and future of all of the energy industries into the 22nd Century.

My long time partner on environment issues, Dave Lincoln, and I have been putting together a business to assist in environmental litigation, post disasters such as spills like the Mayflower and BP Gulf. Dave was the expert witness for Ecuador in the case against Ecuador vs. Chevron Case, and the project will provide essential evidence for litigation to attorneys representing the victims of oil spills.

The oil companies always pull the same stunts to deny accountability. This is actually known as the Four Dog Defense.

4 Dog Defense

By this time, the petrochemical industry had perfected its 4 dog defense. It worked so well in these toxic legacy cases that they are still using it with predictable regularity in spill events. It works like this:
  1. My Dog Does Not Bite.
  2. My Dog Bites, But It Didn't Bite You.
  3. My Dog Bit You. But It Didn't Hurt You.
  4. My Dog Bit You And Hurt You, But It Wasn't My Fault
Here is the counter strategy to the 4 dog defense. If all victims and their lawyers used this approach then the companies would have to change their behavior and policies while dealing with the real issues.

1. Know the breed of dog - learn all of the unique toxic characteristics and potential risks. Determine ways to fingerprint the toxic substance such as the wavelengths of fluorescence of the crude oil. Know the statistics about how often it has caused harm.  
2. Prove you were bitten - Prepare your health history and be prepared to show your "before and after" condition with pictures, if possible. Determine the exact nature of exposure and use techniques to date the time of exposure even if you have to dig up the waste pits and measure the radiation levels from nuclear tests to nail down the time frame. 

3. Proof of harm. Go to the doctor immediately.  Prepare your acute and chronic symptoms. Determine your level of maximum exposure. Compare your symptoms with those in this country and globally.    
4. Risk / reward - Show the chances of being injured. Compare damage with costs to avoid similar injury. Prepare lists of all previous fines and violations for problems of a similar nature. 

While Big Oil is watching you waste all your time and money in the usual ways, they always attack the messenger. This means that before addressing the arguments, they attack the credibility of witnesses (regardless of qualifications) to introduce doubt. They know time is on their side and you will soon run out of money.

The most important lessons are do not be afraid, prepare a defense for every offensive tactic, and always claim the moral high ground. Do not break the law to make your point because then you will be viewed as just another criminal in a never-ending parade of criminals. 

Now that we have seen how the petrochemical industry valued human life and how they responded to the risk of cancer following years of toxic exposure, let’s look at how Big Oil developed their ideas on short term exposure to massive pollution events and what could have been done to counter their defense.

Back to the Story

I was not sure I wanted to come back at all.  Except for retrieving my library, archives, photographs and other possessions I would not have done so. 

When I was a child Cedar Slope was a little heaven on earth for me. With my family, we studied nature, made improvements, built a cabin, and worked with others to improve the water system, which needed it.

Ed Black and then the Board from Hell changed all that. This is actually very much in alignment with Craig's MO, to destroy the pleasure and peace I found in Cedar Slope.

Anxious to be gone, I began to prepare for the move as soon as I arrived. As any reasonable person would I cleared out items which could be donated, taking them down to either the Patton House Gift & Thrift Shop in Springville or Goodwill in Porterville. I filled up the car at least ten times.

During that time, Lillian Neumann came by, her husband John waiting for her on his motorcycle, and gave me a bill. I told her I was there to pack up and did not intend to stay, took the bill and told her I would begin paying as soon as possible, with incremental payments. Since I was well aware of the debt, caused by my misadventure in Ohio, I filed the papers and continued packing.

I also took carfuls of items to Waste Recycling on 190, also known as 'the Dump.'

Some time after this I found, to my shock, the cabin had been sold out from under me. I had never even received a notice of Change of Trustee or Notice of Sale. Both arrived after the sale, rendering it illegal. When the supposed buyer came by the place I told him this and that I would be litigating on these issues even if I moved out.

I had followed all the rules. I was communicating, or tried to, with the mortgage company, Nation Star. I kept calling in response to their mailings offering to help me get another mortgage. I was still doing that when I discovered the place had been sold. A stunning moment. A month later Nation Star sent another letter telling me to the loan had been sold to another company and to await instructions and continue to pay my mortgage. !!!

Then I discovered the original mortgage was also illegally written. The place has never had a kitchen. The real estate agent who came to look at it knew this perfectly well since I happily pointed it out to her. At that point she headed to the door and said it was perfectly lovely and worth $170,000. I was stunned into silence since I did not understand how this could be true. I had also told her about the issue of black mold, disclosure being required when you get a mortgage. I now know this kind of mortgage is written for the sole purpose of creating derivatives, an issue the movie, “The Big Short,” is masterfully explaining to Americans.

A short sale was never an option. I knew I could not sell the cabin until the black mold problem was handled. The California Department of Public Health names both flooding and plumbing leaks as sources of black mold. But fixing the problem required I file a police report for my insurance company and the Deputy Sheriff refused to come by, look at the problem, and do so.

I found myself forced to look for an attorney for the litigation against the mortgage company, then decided to just keep packing. Leaving the place for the questionable buyer cannot stop me from reclaiming the property within a generous time period for my purposes. We, me and my partners, had discussed using it to demonstrate a new ultra-high performance concrete in California. When asked, I told people it should be torn down.

Balancing the issues I decided take steps to ensure potential buyers understand the risk. The black mold still active from the flood that took out the entire ceiling on the first floor in 1994.

I first learned about the impact of black mold, which explained symptoms I had been experiencing, while in Ohio from an attorney friend whose family had struggled with the problem. They moved from their leased house immediately but are still suffering from the impact. This is probably the source of my tendency to get pneumonia.

Originally, I believed the problems arose from my complaints regarding Ed Black, who was the sole employee, part time, for the CSMWC. I grew up among discussion of the Water Board. Both my Uncle Chuck, Charles Lafayette Reasoner, and Dad, Dr. Arthur F. Pillsbury, were the resources always drawn on when there were questions about any aspect of the system. Dad retired as Director of the Water Resources System for the University of California but had also served in the first Federal EPA.

I, myself, helped Dad with surveying in Cedar Slope and elsewhere. This was a family tradition. Dad strongly believed kids should know how to do everything necessary for house maintenance and construction. All of us could, by ourselves, winterize the cabin or do essential repairs.

I started combining all the time lines in 2012 when I was told Craig, my ex-husband, had been participating, this means he was also paying the others to assist him, in their 'Get Melinda' Campaign. It was a depressing rerun of what happened during the divorce when Craig was paying Morgan and his friend, Michael Emerling Cloud to go after me with others also paid to assist. 

Most people  approached by them were embarrassed to tell me what they had said, they just stopped talking to me. Understandable. Those that came to me I thanked profusely. When someone is spreading ugly lies, especially as a group doing so for pay, you need to know.

I first website, started while I was in Ohio, went up to out the con-persons who I believed were primarily responsible for the libels. Among these lies they had published the claim I had active warrants in seven states. Never careful about their research they had put up photos of women named Melinda Foster without, evidently, paying much attention to what they looked like. One of these women was black.  I did get a traffic ticket once for an illegal right turn.  No parking tickets. 
The idea of using a website focused on one person, or group, to defend myself did not occur to me until Ohio. But it worked. The Duke and Duchess of Manchester found they could no longer get away with defrauding folks because one google outs them.

They lost me three possible clients as clients do not like this sort of thing.

Ed was using the Cedar Slope truck when he was masturbating in clear sight through my upstairs window. I assumed this was not an activity approved by the Board. I was, evidently, wrong on this because two Board members, Gary Mickles and Cathy Anderson said they did not think it was a problem. I wrote a letter and also made this available to authorities.

Deputy Sheriff Rob Winters, who I asked to file a report, also did not deem this to be a problem. When Deputy Sheriff Rob Winters refused to take a report of the growing list of incidents I wrote a report myself and sent it to the Sheriff's Office.

This, and other incidents, including snow removal, or non-snow removal, intended to cause hazardous conditions, increased my concerns. I published on these issues.

By employing Black they assumed liability for his actions. I decided not to leave this to the case of my word against Black's, or even to the police reports, supplying first hand affirmation from two other individuals, Paul Pugh and Merlinda Arnold.

On March 12, 2009 I provided a list of police reports which had been filed, with a short narrative as a compilation of events to that point. This included the number for each police report, where these had been made.

No matter what steps I took, nothing changed except for a growing hostility from the CSMWC Board directed toward myself.

No company or individual can reasonably ignore problems of this nature, especially when they are employing the individual accused of wrong doing.

Faced with multiple, overwhelming, problems in 2005 I have worked diligently to solve them and provide for Arthur. The possibility lies and slanders had, again, been used briefly occurred to me but at the time I dismissed it.

Over the next four years I discovered how the long term planning Green Hills Software, Inc. was carried out in by experiencing it. Using lies, evasions, and fictitious legal papers they worked to evade the statute of limitations. Unfortunately for them I kept finding out. Mostly this was because Craig could not leave me alone. He kept scheming. He was shocked to find out his former girl friends were calling me for advice. 

None of the criminal acts included in the many articles I have written on them resulted in claims these were untrue.  One of these articles is The Ethics of Drone Contractors.

You could never make a movie out of this story because it is too incredible. I lived it and its hard for me to believe it.

Craig had a fetish for making his wives/girlfriends homeless (this happened multiple times with women who ranged from very recognizable film stars to models and professional women of other kinds. I am inclined now to think he has orchestrated the events at Cedar Slope because of his fetish. But obviously to find out a law suit must be filed so we can do discovery.

And if Craig is in so is Green Hills, effectively negating their attempts to distance themselves.

Having discussed the issue of the cabin with an attorney I discovered I could litigate on their fraud and either get the place back or recover monetary losses. This will be true no matter where I reside.

You can't pack the kitchen things until you are about out the door. But that won't take nearly as long, anyway. I can do that all in two days, including washing everything. But I need at least two boxes, with dividers, for the crystal and other special boxes for china.

I came back here determined to get out by the end of October – but with the damage done to the place by the malicious acts of someone, I am betting Ed Black, given his long history in this regard.

I have been winterizing cabins since I was a child. Dad strongly believed kids should know how to do everything necessary to house maintenance and construction. I began accompanying Dad on field trips for water resources and other issues, for instance peripheral fire danger, when I was six. My 7th grade science project was on soil composition. When I was 12 Dad took me along to help him record burn patterns during the Brentwood Fire of 1961.

The place was left winterized. But when I returned the plumbing was cracked and the faucets were off, not on. Additionally, the electric service had been turned off manually and items, mostly condiments, in the two refrigerators had putrefied. By examining the bill I knew this took place the year before I returned.

Human behavior is not random. Patterns of behavior emerge and help identify perpetrators. I did not for a moment think there were serial individuals engaging in malicious mischief or intentionally damaging my car. No, it clearly had to be one person, in my opinion.The FBI publishes very useful information on these issues.  Psychopathy  Investigative Analysis

Psychopathy became a subject which closely interested me around 2009 when Craig's victims began contacting me.l  

I studied the time line the very real possibility that the sale, purchase and attempt to evict me is was put together by the same troublesome creeps who have harassed me since the original fraud on my stock options in the company had to occur.

Every day for the last week there have been multiple men out there on quads ensuring the road remains impassible. And since I have been unable to walk for a week now due to the first round of Black Snow produced by Black, causing me to fall and hurt my leg, I have been forced me to look harder at their possible motives.

A Little History on the Cabin

The cabin was over priced when Craig, former husband, insisted on buying it for me in 1989. He actually insisted, over my protests, on paying more than the asking price, $85,000 as opposed to $80,000.

I hate room additions and remodeling. But Craig insisted and a wife is supposed to do all in her power to make her husband happy. That was, of course, before I realized he had married me to gain sexual access to my children. That sick moment did not come until we had been divorced for a number of years. The girls did not tell me he was exposing himself to them.

Some revelations just make you want to curl up and cry. It took a long time for me to come to grips with what that said about our marriage, which was never really a marriage since his intent was to commit multiple criminal acts. Realizing this made me take a hard look at 'no fault' divorce and get busy to find ways to protect those who trust our system, which is so very corrupt.

I understood John Cleese's feelings when one of his attorneys contacted me about using his ex-wife's attorney in his comedy routine. I had the same horrifying combination of judge and opposition attorney, Judge Thomas Anderle and Jacqueline Misho.

I had published on Misho, just some poems, but the attorney wanted to know if she had harassed me over the publication of the poetry. She had not. First Amendment issue, you know.

Cleese used the horrors of Misho in his After Divorce Comedy Tour. Telegraph writer Patrick Sawer reported in his article, “John Cleese divorce tour: the first review,” published October 3, 2009 with, “Opening the tour, Cleese compared his third wife's divorce lawyer, Jacqueline Misho, to one of the monstrous Orcs, from The Lord of the Rings – flashing up two suitable images on the screen behind him.”

What I said in the poetry was true. I can also truthfully report other things I heard about Misho and Anderle.

Mind you, these were calls from people who told me they were in the S & M community in Southern California. They asked I not reveal their identities, and since this happened from 1998 – 2000, several calls from different individuals, I can also say I am not sure of the names any more.

But they all told the same story. Judge Anderle gives Misho any verdict she wants because she is his dominatrix. Let me tell you that caused a startling and revolting image to congeal in my mind. Over the years others have noticed Anderle's tendency to ignore the law for Misho's client.

Misho looks very unusual for a woman, let's leave it at that. I asked a transgender friend and they said, yes, could be.

Arthur and I went to Ohio with one bag each because I had been promised my expenses to return would be paid when I left there in late April.

Around the time I should have been leaving, delayed by excuses from the woman who had offered me a partnership in the business, I discovered, to my shock, the online attack to which I had been subjected, which I believed was coming from a former friend of Raye's. She claimed they were alienated and no longer talking. Later, I discovered this was a lie. Morgan, the psychopath who aided Craig during the divorce, was also involved. I am entirely estranged because of her continuous thievery and manipulations. If I had, for a moment, realized Raye was involved I would not have stayed. But at the time she was still pretending to be ill and need help, one stall after another.

When someone is fulsome with gratitude it is hard not to provide the assistance they claim to need.

But when the facts are know, action becomes necessary.