Tuesday, December 29, 2015

I don't think anything is broken - but it is excruciating to walk

Ernie Norris, who I know from chatting with him at Judicial Watch in Pasadena, that is the West Coast Office, offered to call Lillian Neuman and Ed Black to see if he could discuss the Black Ice Production Blackie has been busy with these last weeks. 

Judicial Watch is the organization which has been FOIAing Hillary Clinton's emails with such interesting results.  Ernie was an LA prosecutor before he joined Judicial Watch.

I'm pretty groggy right now because while I was out taking photos with my cell phone I slipped on the black ice Blackie produced at the end of my driveway and fell.  It took a long time to make it back to the cabin.  I was cold and wet and shivering.  Walking is tough, the pain is in the hip joint.  Took a couple of Tylenol and laid down, very carefully.  Arthur kept the chili I had no the stove from burning and got some for me.

No chance of getting out over that icy mess and I couldn't drive anyway.

I had sent Lillian a check for my services before Christmas and hoped Arthur and I would be able to be at the Chapel, or at least make the Sunday service.  But nothing happened until Blackie started working on the Black Ice Agenda on Sunday.

If you missed the Post on Sunday here are the photos and my comments.

Here is the next day, earlier today.  Post

Ernie called Lillian about 11am.  Blackie returned and really tamped it down well. This time he might have used the snow plow blade, running it several inches off the ground to make sure the ice would be good and thick.

You can see how he has run over it again and again.
Same thing all the way up the hill to the flat place.  Really compressed down tight.  Can't see that he used a blade.

He seems to have focused his compression to produce black ice at the area around and just up from my driveway.

No clearing on turn around but lots of compression across the whole thing.  You can see he did no clearing on the steep hill either.
Close up of how thorough he was down near my drive way.
I fell right there, after I took this picture.   

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