Thursday, December 31, 2015

Please Pray for Arthur

He insisted on taking a walk and Black Iceman had been by several times to recompress the snow on the road, not that any of it is ice any more.  From what I can see, not much from here, it is all compressed.

Arthur came home.  How many times does Black want to run over the already entirely compressed snow?  Arthur had a terrible time walking on the road because of him.  Scary.

I made him chicken croquettes for dinner with corn.   Still hurts to walk, but I'm trying to be careful how I turn my leg.

Sounds like the Black Ice Man is back running his quad up and down the road.  I'm surprised he doesn't get out and jump on it.  Of course, then he could hurt himself.  

And I'll just share our latest prediction on the viability of oil as an investment.

From: ACP Action 
ExxonMobil Waves a Fond Farewell to a Favorite Flunky
Golden Parachute Time
Rex is retiring from the Biggest and the Baddest
(And our ACP Prediction on Oil)

ExxonMobil Waves a Fond Farewell to a Favorite Flunky

Golden Parachute Time
Rex is retiring from the Biggest and the Baddest
(And our ACP Prediction on Oil)
- See more at:

Melinda, writing late at night. Leg hurts too much to sleep

When I left Cedar Slope for what I hoped would be an opportunity to earn enough money to provide the care for Arthur he really needs I was also glad not to spend another winter in terror.

Ed Black is a terrorist. He clearly took pleasure in watching me struggle to survive when he failed to clear the road. His sneers as he careened around on his four wheel buggy tossing beer cans nauseated me.

Then, Mike Ennis, who I have come to think of as his co-terrorist, had stopped clearing Cedar Slope, leaving only two people on the mountain vulnerable. At the time, I did not ask myself why all of this animus would have been aimed at me. Now I think I know. I started to tell the story but over the next days I will finish the job. This article is to provide some clarity on Ed and Mike.

Mike Ennis was not the only source of the problem, of course. I cannot be sure who made it worth his while to find a way to ensure I would be threatened, harassed and placed, with Arthur, at risk of my life, I can make some good bets, though. And they did have the helpful Cedar Slope Mutual Water Company as able assistants, we must not forget to give credit where it is due.

The proposal by Superintendent Mike Ennis for snow removal on county roads, passed in 2009 and further ratified on May 18, 2010, should considered with the justifications given and the number of permanent residents impacted. In this way speaks loudly for either self-dealing or a covert deal aimed at one family living in an area targeted for the cessation of this essential county service.

Who made it worth his while? It could have been the simple explanation, Craig Franklin and the management team from Green Hills Software, Inc., always concerned I would, by some miracle, manage to get someone to listen to me. And Craig, a sexual pervert whose focus is on little girls who call him 'Daddy' has, by present count, made at least one of his girl friends homeless and destitute twice by carefully honed schemes not very different than what seems to have happened here. Of couse, there were women who refused to trust him again, but at least one woman did.

Green Hills had to settle some law suits for Craig, too.

But it also could have been someone Ennis liked rubbing shoulders with from the recently ended Bush Administration – or one of their flunkies.

In retrospect, and having reviewed the notes I made for the articles I wrote at the time, it finally sunk in that we were the ONLY ones impacted. Everyone in Ponderosa continued without a bobble. Alpine Village and Sequoia Crest got the extra special service Good Old Superintendent Ennis expects.

No one noticed, or cared to comment on what was happening to me and Arthur. They were fine, so what did it matter, anyway.

I had a conversation with a guy, accidentally, at the Casino Gas Station coming up the Mountain recently and it was very illuminating. Realizing he was from up the mountain I commented on the non-removal of snow. First he shrugged it off, saying Ennis was a friend of his and he got favors so was willing to swallow the change. When I told him it was wrong for people to trade favors under the table he became incensed. “That is the way it works. Everyone does it,” he said several times.

I know this is not true and commented this change in ethics and values was at the root of the problem leading to wide spread corruption in Boston with the arrival of the tribe oriented Irish. Then he just kept repeating himself, “Everyone does this. This is the way all government works.” The repetitions, which I think were intended to either intimidate me or persuade me were interesting and illuminating.

One of those Light-bulb moments, you know. Ennis and he were friends because they shared values, seeing nothing wrong with using government for their own personal ends.

There was nothing more to say. When someone believes firmly in self-dealing they also justify any and all actions with the same mantra.

Why worry about an old woman, me, and my disabled son? We are of no use to them – so being paid, either monetarily or with exchangeable favors is a good use for us.

The Mountain is a very different place than it was when I was a child. We helped each other. Mrs. Bailey, Les's wife took time to provide Sunday School on Sunday mornings for all of us. I usually managed to find a place on the bear-skin rug to listen, do crafts, recite the Lord's Prayer, and bow my head in prayer. It was a special memory. But Cedar Slope could not be more different now.

Doing the right thing, caring for each other, is what makes us human – and Christian. Being a Christian starts with going to church, but every other decision you make also matters.

Mr. Gas Station Ranter is likely not a Christian, and neither is Mike Ennis. Being Christian is not going to church for votes.  It is substantially different in every dimension.  No. Mr. Gas Station Ranter and Mike are out for themselves and see this county as their own, private fiefdom just as BushCo and the Clintons viewed America.

I hope Arthur and I can just leave here and find some good people again.

It has been desperately lonely for Arthur and harder on me than I like to think about. Will we survive? With the Grace of God, I hope so, but I leave it in His hands.

Now, about the:


The conduct of a trustee, an attorney, or other fiduciary that consists of taking advantage of his or her position in a transaction and acting for his or her own interests rather than for the interests of the beneficiaries of the trust or the interests of his or her clients.” (NOTE - This includes politicians like Mike Ennis who violate the trust invested in them.)
Self-dealing is wrongful conduct by a fiduciary. A fiduciary is a person who has duties of Good Faith, trust, special confidence, and candor toward another person. Examples of fiduciary relationships include attorneys and their clients, doctors and their patients, investment bankers and their clients, trustees and trust beneficiaries, and corporate directors and stockholders. Fiduciaries have expert knowledge and skill, and they are paid to apply that knowledge and skill for the benefit of another party. Under the law, a fiduciary relationship imposes certain duties on fiduciaries because a fiduciary is in a special position of control over an important aspect of another person's life.
One important duty of a fiduciary is to act in the best interests of the benefited party. When a fiduciary engages in self-dealing, she breaches this duty by acting in her own interests instead of the interests of the represented party. For example, self-dealing occurs when a trustee uses money from the trust account to make a loan to a business in which he has a substantial personal interest. A fiduciary may make such a transaction with the prior permission of the trust beneficiary, but if the trustee does not obtain permission, the beneficiary can void the transaction and sue the fiduciary for any monetary losses that result.
The laws pertaining to self-dealing are found mainly in case law, judicial opinions, and some statutes. Case law authorizes the recovery of monetary damages from the self-dealing fiduciary.
One of the most notable statutes relating to self-dealing is 26 U.S.C.A. § 4941 (1969), which allows the Internal Revenue Service to impose a five percent excise tax on each act of self-dealing by a disqualified person with a private, nonprofit foundation. Disqualified persons include substantial contributors to the foundation, foundation managers, owners of more than 20 percent of the foundation's interest, and members of the family of disqualified persons. If the self-dealing act is not timely corrected, the IRS may impose on the self-dealer an additional 200 percent excise tax on the amount of the transaction.”

I've known a lot of politicians and people who made their living in crafting policy who were also engaged in this kind of behavior. Ed Crane, who with the Kochs founded CATO knew exactly what he was doing. He wanted the money and he got it. His salary was a half mill a year when the Kochs finally decided to dump him.

Mike Ennis is not in the same league as the Kochs or even Crane, of course.

But he did control the roads in Tulare County. The roads in question included county owned roads only.

The year-round population of Camp Nelson was 97 in 2010. It has since dropped due to the several years of drought the area has experienced. Pierpoint was reported to have 52 full time residents in 2010. The elevation for these two communities, according to the Wikipedia, is 4,898 ft.

No reason to annoy Camp Nelsoners or Pierpointers. They are good, solid supporters of Mike's I'm sure.

The next community, by elevation, at 5,584 feet, and directly on Highway 190, is Cedar Slope There are five full time residents. Cedar Slope is so isolated no one would, know, or care what happened to me and Arthur. And given the presence of Ed Black and his friends, this is not unlikely. This is a good deal for Mike.

Mike could have used some work on his rationalizations for changing the snow policy, however. Cedar Slope had between five and eight full time residents in recent years. And Cedar Slope is only 686 feet higher in elevation than Camp Nelson and Pierpoint, located about four miles further down the mountain directly on Highway 190.

Redwood Drive – is that a private road? Connects Highway 190 first to Alpine Village, elevation 6500 feet, 3.1 miles from Highway 190, and Sequoia Crest, elevation 7008 feet and another 3.1 miles in from Highway 190, are kept clear of snow using County resources, though residents pay the following amounts for snow removal. I know the main road through Cedar Slope is a county road, even right by my house. Occasionally the county comes around to fix it in the summer, or they used to.

It would be interesting to see how much clearing that six plus miles of road cost.

Now, read this resolution when Mike probably crafted.

Resource Management Agency

Ratify and approve expenditure costs beyond the Snow Removal Policy limit by increasing expenditures of County Road funds up to an additional $10,000, if matched by equivalent other funds, with the Ponderosa and the Alpine Village/Sequoia Crest Community Services District, for providing snow removal services, retroactive to February 16, 2010 through the end of the 2009/2010 winter snow season.  Find that the Board had the authority to approve this action as of February 16, 2010, and that it was in the County’s best interest to approve this action effective on this date.

So, after claiming they needed to cut back for Melinda and Arthur they went right ahead and ponied up more money for keeping access clear and disrupted to Mike's front door in Sequoia Crest.

Here is the existing statute from the State of California.

The only statutory obligation is that a County is responsible for maintaining it's property in a manner that does not constitute a "dangerous condition" of public property as defined by Government code Section 830(a), i.e. "a condition of property that creates a substantial (as distinguished from a minor, trivial, or insignificant) risk of injury when such property or adjacent property is used with due care in a manner in which it is reasonably foreseeable that it will be used."

March 11, 2009 - Police Complaint regarding Ed Black

March 11, 2009

Police Complaint regarding Ed Black
I was forced to move to my cabin in Cedar Slope due to financial problems in October of 2005. I had previously paid Ed Black, recommended by the Cedar Slope Mutual Water Company, to watch my cabin. (See police report, 02-6094 on burglary, 2002). Black had a key to my cabin as part of the services offered for security.
I work on line and, especially when on deadline, will work through the night. In April, 2006, I was sleeping in, having worked late, when Black used the key provided to him and entered my home without knocking.
I screamed and he left. My car was parked out front. There could have been no doubt that I was in the residence. I demanded the return of the key. Black brought it to my door. He handed it to me and we did not speak.
Soon thereafter, Black began lingering in his truck near my lot. I tried to ignore and avoid him.
Until the winter of 2007, Black cleared all snow from the road so I could easily access my driveway and the road. During the winter of 2007, Black changed his manner of plowing the snow to pile up a berm in front of my driveway so I could not access it. He also began piling snow on the road and tamping it down to create black ice in front of my driveway and on every grade in the road so it would make it too slick to drive or even walk.
In early spring, 2007, Black began to stop in the road below my cabin and park, staying in his truck. I have on three occasions seen him masturbating while sitting in his truck and staring up into my windows. These incidents are frightening. He knew I could see him and this did not alter his behavior. I became afraid to walk by myself.
I am the full time caretaker for my son, Arthur, who has suffered two major brain injuries. He is entirely blind in one eye, partially blind in the other, has cognitive issues and walked only with the aid of a walker or cane.
During the summer of 2007, my son, Arthur, went missing while out for a walk. I called the police and then called Black to see if he had seen Arthur as one of my first thoughts. Black never called back.
Later that same year, without telling me his intention, Arthur decided to walk down to Pierpoint. Discovering he had not returned from what was to be a walk to the store at the top of the hill I started looking for him. I called the sheriff. A short time later the sheriff drove up with Arthur in the car.
Arthur told me while walking back from Pierpoint he became exhausted and stopped to rest. Black drove by and paused when Arthur thumbed for a ride. Black gunned his engine and left him at the side of the road to be found by the Sheriff a few minutes later. A few minutes after Arthur was returned by the Sheriff, Black called me to tell me he had not seen Arthur. This lie which placed my son at risk caused me to feel threatened by Black's pattern of devious behavior.
In December of 2007, while I was taking a walk, Black drove up to me in his truck and told me I was not permitted to park my car on the flat area above the house although the area is used in just that way by multiple owners. He was abrupt and hostile. I parked there anyway because it made it easier for my son to get into the car.
When I used my car the next day, just as I got to the top of the hill at Highway 190, the brake pedal went all the way to the floor and the brakes failed. I had my car towed to 360 Degree Auto at 1164 West Olive in Porterville where my mechanic, Kevin Long, said the brakes lines were cut. A deputy went by to take pictures and agreed it looked intentional. I filed a police report (Case No. 08-0091 ).
Subsequently Deputy Sheriff Winters arranged to come to my house and initially was unable to get down the road because of the build up of ice there. I mentioned some part of what is here to him but made no formal report at that time. I found that I was having trouble sleeping for fear of what might happen next. Cedar Slope had always been a place of sanctuary to me. This has changed entirely.
In June of 2008, my car had an electrical problem and I borrowed another car for transportation. My car remained in my driveway. In January, 2009, I decided to get my car fixed and renew the registration. Courtney Gillespie, a towtruck driver who is a friend of mine, towed my car to the top of the hill My and parked it on private property four yards off the road so AAA would come and tow it to a mechanic.
The day the AAA was to come for it, another tow truck came and, without my knowledge, impounded my car. I believe Black was responsible for calling the other tow truck and having my car impounded.
Due to the severity of the snow fall in late February, 2009, I went to stay with friends in Springville for a few days. When I returned the coaxial lines connected to my satellite dish receiver had been ripped out. Deputy Winters came out, took photographs, and filed it as vandalism. There was no damage to the roof, which there would have been if it had been caused by falling branches.
The repairman, Jakob Phillips, from Porterville, repaired the damaged lines and is prepared to testify it the damage was done by a big man with a lot of muscle power. Because of the damage on the line he also believed the individual had nearly fallen off the roof and also bent the staff. Few owners are here when it is storming and to get at the satellite the individual had to climb up on a two story roof. (See Case No. 09-2374 )
I am now frightened to take walks on the roads around my own home, not just from Black’s failure to properly plow the snow, but also because I am scared he might confront me when I am alone. I have suffered two heart attacks during my life and this kind of stress is not good for me. I moved to the mountains to get away from this kind of stress and now can find no peace nor solace any where.
Recently I contacted the Attorney General's Office regarding Black's license to provide security services. They had no record of an issued license for those services to anyone named Ed Black. I was told to contact the licensing office in Tulare and have done so. I have also been unable to obtain his bonding information, though he would have been required to have bonding to hold such a license. I am asking that this matter be followed up by authorities in Tulare County.

Melinda Pillsbury-Foster
POB 2214
Camp Nelson, CA 3208

June 20, 2009 - Request for Administrative Hearing, Tulare County

Request for Administrative Hearing, Tulare County
Regarding: Snow removal, maintenance of roads.

The Responsibilities of County Government
The County of Tulare is responsible for maintaining the property entrusted to it for the benefit of the people. Roads, buildings and other infrastructure are maintained by the County as part of their responsibility to the people, who remain the source of power exercised by government in their names. This is the essential principle of American governance.
The Board of Supervisors for Tulare County asserted the right to limit the responsibility for road maintenance, thus lowering their costs for what is legally deemed to be an essential service and violating their obligation to maintain county property held in trust for the use and benefit of the people of Tulare County.
Despite the acceptance by residents that this service is not the responsibility of the County an examination of the statutes of the State of California indicate that it is the obligation of the County and should be provided at no further cost to tax payers.
Quote from the State of California: “The only statutory obligation is that a County is responsible for maintaining it's property in a manner that does not constitute a "dangerous condition" of public property as defined by Government code Section 830(a), i.e. "a condition of property that creates a substantial (as distinguished from a minor, trivial, or insignificant) risk of injury when such property or adjacent property is used with due care in a manner in which it is reasonably foreseeable that it will be used."

The violation is of long standing. Denying the obligation for maintaining all County roads forced homeowners to provide for snow removal themselves at a cost additional to the taxes paid to provide that service. These monies should be refunded.

When the actions of those entrusted with authority violate the statutes of the State of California the process mandates that they be informed of the violation and how the issue can be resolved. If that fails an Administrative hearing is called.

Reasonably foreseeable
It is entirely foreseeable that roads will be used in all seasons of the year. Homes, businesses, and commerce take take place in these areas in exactly the same way they do in the more central areas of the County.

Roads that remained uncleared have placed families at risk of their lives and denied the possibility of emergency services. Disabled individuals have been put at risk of their lives. Elderly individuals have also been placed at risk.

These conditions have been perpetuated and justified by the County Board of Supervisors by inserting the fallacious assertion they possess the right to determine categories that allow them to deny maintenance to some citizens. In Tulare County this violation of rights has been perpetrated on residents and citizens living over 5,000 feet. The failure to maintain roads is a violation of the power entrusted to the Board of Supervisors and is is arguably grounds for their removal from office if corrective action is not taken immediately.

That County policy has been open to the convenience of individual supervisors is proven by the fact that Supervisor Mike Ennis owns a cabin at an elevation of 7,200 feet. The County of Tulare substantially subsidized snow removal to his front door. The address of that cabin is54738 Chinquapin in Sequoia Crest.

Repairing the damage in the face of economic meltdown

Tulare County and the rest of California and the nation generally, face a stark reality. The prosperity to which Americans became accustomed is gone. As a family whose parent has lost their job come together to ensure that what is essential continues while they recover we in Tulare County must ensure services that are the legal obligation of the County are carried out while the means to continue to provide other, less essential services, are taken up as line items in the County budget to be considered on a case by case basis. These issues provide the opportunity to see these issues clearly.
For many years now the County Board of Supervisors have spent money entrusted to them by taxpayers that did not carry out their essential duties. Those involved in County government have acknowledged that there is much waste that could be cut without impacting services. To 'use up alloted money' new computer systems are routinely ordered and other alloted money spent to create the appearance that more is necessary.
This cannot be tolerated. Unnecessary expenditures, for instance the raise the County Board of Supervisors voted for themselves last autumn, should be rescinded and the money paid to them returned to be used to provide essential services for the people.
(Information on the raise the Board of Supervisors alloted themselves at the time the Federal Bailouts took place)
The County must continue essential services while cutting costs in ways that do not compromise their obligations to serve and protect all the people. Identifying essential services and providing them reliably is a first step in that process. It cannot create categories of service based on criteria unsupported by their obligation to maintain County property and ensure the safety of those using that property. It cannot provide special services for its own employees.
Ensuring Essential Services
There are eight separate communities in the mountains east of Porterville, in the supervisorial district of Mike Ennis. The cost of services forced on residents by the Board of Supervisors provided to these communities are outlined below. The cost for providing the service of snow removal for one year for all areas is
Pierpoint & Camp Nelson 4,426 Foot Elevation – No charge for snow removal
There is no additional cost for snow removal at Camp Nelson or Pierpoint. Each of these communities are directly accessible off highway 190. Therefore there is no additional expense for snow removal through an access road.

Camp Wishon
McIntyre – McCoy
Cedar Slope - 5,797 Foot Elevation
$80.00 a year for a cabin
$40.00 a year for a lot
Cedar Slope is directly on Highway 190 so there is no extra cost in accessing the community from Highway 190.

Alpine Village - 6,500 Foot Elevation
$32.00 a year – Cabin
$10.00 a year – Lot
Alpine Village is approximately 3.1 miles off Highway 190 over Redwood Drive necessitating the clearing of the road to reach the community.

Sequoia Crest – 7,000 – 7,200 Foot Elevation
Cost of snow removal
$42.00 a year – Cabin
$12.00 a year – Lot
Sequoia Crest is accessed via Redwood Drive, as is Alpine Village. It is approximately 3.1 miles beyond Alpine Village.

Ponderosa - 7,200 Foot Elevation
I have not been able to get the figures for the cost of removal but have been told that the County does not remove snow in the community. Ponderosa is directly off Highway 190

Representatives from the eight property owners associations to ascertain what they pay for snow removal. I contacted the Tule River Reservation Board of Directors regarding the maintenance of roads.

These expenses are included, reasonably, as a tax funded expense for residents in these two communities. As we proceed up the Mountain this changes. Here is what residents pay at different elevations and distance from Highway 190.

Naturally, communities at higher elevations experience more snow fall and are thus in need of more snow removal.

Snow not removed from streets and roads constitutes a dangerous condition. While this measure is general in nature another factor that must be considered is the additional obligation of the County to provide services for such specific needs as disabilities of handicaps. The County of Tulare receives Federal funding to provide services to disabled individuals and this is deemed to be an obligation. These are separate factors but each must be considered.

The statute from the State of California does not provide latitude for maintaining County property in a hazardous condition. I construe this to mean that all roads owned by the County must therefore be cleared and doing so is obligatory on their part. If it is an obligation then it is not optional and must be paid for through taxes already paid by residents. Please let me know if you have another view.

The Costs
Pierpoint & Camp Nelson – 4,426 Foot Elevation
There is no additional cost for snow removal at Camp Nelson or Pierpoint. Each of these communities are directly accessible off highway 190. Therefore there is no additional expense for snow removal through an access road.

Cedar Slope – 5,797 Foot Elevation
$80.00 a year for a cabin
$40.00 a year for a lot
Cedar Slope is directly on Highway 190 so there is no extra cost in accessing the community from Highway 190.

Alpine Village - 6,500 Foot Elevation
$32.00 a year – Cabin
$10.00 a year – Lot
Alpine Village is approximately 3.1 miles off Highway 190 over Redwood Drive.

Sequoia Crest – 7,000 – 7,200 Foot Elevation
Cost of snow removal
$42.00 a year – Cabin
$12.00 a year – Lot
Sequoia Crest is accessed via Redwood Drive, as is Alpine Village. It is approximately 3.1 miles beyond Alpine Village.

Ponderosa - 7,200 Foot Elevation
I have not been able to get the figures for the cost of removal but have been told that the County does not remove snow in the community.
Ponderosa is directly off Highway 190
The official who is in charge of ensuring that services are delivered as mandated by statute and in keeping with the needs of residents is Mike Ennis, County Supervisor. Ennis owns a cabin located at:

Michael T & Diane Ennis
54738 Chinquapin in Sequoia Crest
It is my view that the County is obligated to provide snow removal to all communities on the Mountain with roads owned by the County. I invite discussion of this issue as the first in a series of such discussions. Please use Comments to begin this dialog. 

No response received  


P.O. BOX 3245

April 3, 2009

Melinda Pillsbury-Foster
PO Box 2214
Camp Nelson, CA 93208


Dear Ms. Pillsbury-Foster:

Thank you for your letter dated March 24, 2009. Your payment was received on March 7, 2009 via a cashier's check sent by Justin C. Foster. The check was dated February 6, 2009 but postmarked nearly a month later, on March 5th of this year. It was deposited into the CSMWC bank account on March 9, 2009.

Your recitation of the current version of Article 1.1 of the By-Laws is correct, and the Board of Directors concurs that you are entitled to view Company records that do not conflict with the Company’s obligations to comply with California and Federal privacy protections. As a shareholder, you are undoubtedly aware that for at least the last four decades, the Cedar Slope Mutual Water Company has not had the resources to maintain a separate office.  As a longstanding cost saving measure, the company’s books and records have been maintained by the company’s bookkeepers in their homes.

The bookkeeper will assess the number of copies that will need to be made to accommodate your request for copies, obtain a quote from a copy service, and inform you of the cost estimate for making such copies.  Upon receipt of your payment, the copy service will be engaged and the copies will be sent to you. Certain private information will be redacted to meet the water company’s privacy obligations.

Regarding your request for records dating back to 1990, the laws regarding retention of financial documents varies depending on which statutes and regulations one is interpreting. As a result, not all records dating back to 1990 may be available.

The following agency handles all of the water company’s insurance, including its Commercial Package   (American Alternative Insurance Co), Commercial Automobile,   (American Alternative Insurance Co) and Position Schedule Bond (Western Surety):
Ms. Melinda Pillsbury-Foster
April 3, 2009
Page 2

Roger Miller Insurance Agency
A Division of DiBundo & DeFendis Insurance Group
Attn:  Rich Miller
Telephone:  661-765-7131

In response to your inquiry about Mr. Black’s status, he is both a shareholder and a part-time employee of the mutual water company. He receives a monthly and hourly wage and reimbursement for expenses that he incurs in the maintenance of the water distribution system, including snow plowing to maintain access to hydrants and other water company assets during winter. The company engages no security services, either from Mr. Black, or from any other source.

Any cost reimbursements tendered by the company to Mr. Black for repairs will be detailed in the copies of the records that will be provided to you. Personal employment records will not be made available to comply with privacy protections under both California and Federal law.
Please feel free to contact the Board should you have any additional questions or comments.

Very truly yours,

Cathy Anderson, President
CSMWC Board of Directors 

CC: CSMWC Board Members

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

I don't think anything is broken - but it is excruciating to walk

Ernie Norris, who I know from chatting with him at Judicial Watch in Pasadena, that is the West Coast Office, offered to call Lillian Neuman and Ed Black to see if he could discuss the Black Ice Production Blackie has been busy with these last weeks. 

Judicial Watch is the organization which has been FOIAing Hillary Clinton's emails with such interesting results.  Ernie was an LA prosecutor before he joined Judicial Watch.

I'm pretty groggy right now because while I was out taking photos with my cell phone I slipped on the black ice Blackie produced at the end of my driveway and fell.  It took a long time to make it back to the cabin.  I was cold and wet and shivering.  Walking is tough, the pain is in the hip joint.  Took a couple of Tylenol and laid down, very carefully.  Arthur kept the chili I had no the stove from burning and got some for me.

No chance of getting out over that icy mess and I couldn't drive anyway.

I had sent Lillian a check for my services before Christmas and hoped Arthur and I would be able to be at the Chapel, or at least make the Sunday service.  But nothing happened until Blackie started working on the Black Ice Agenda on Sunday.

If you missed the Post on Sunday here are the photos and my comments.

Here is the next day, earlier today.  Post

Ernie called Lillian about 11am.  Blackie returned and really tamped it down well. This time he might have used the snow plow blade, running it several inches off the ground to make sure the ice would be good and thick.

You can see how he has run over it again and again.
Same thing all the way up the hill to the flat place.  Really compressed down tight.  Can't see that he used a blade.

He seems to have focused his compression to produce black ice at the area around and just up from my driveway.

No clearing on turn around but lots of compression across the whole thing.  You can see he did no clearing on the steep hill either.
Close up of how thorough he was down near my drive way.
I fell right there, after I took this picture.   

Ed Back Returns to Ensure the Black Ice Road Coverage is Complete

Yes, it was Ed Black, also known as Scary Snow Removal Man, and Berm Boy (for his ability to entirely block a road with a berm made of solid ice spanning the entire width of the road)  Ed loves his work.  And, yes, he does know the point is actually to make the road passable, and yes, he knows he is intentionally creating hazardous conditions which could result in serious injury or death, and yes, he knows that it is actually his employer, Cedar Slope Mutual Water Company who will face litigation or criminal charges in the case his little hobby has the entirely foreseeable effect.

In our last report on December 27th Ed, also known as Blackie, and not for his surname, but for his sense of ethics and concern for others, had ensured the road leading to my cabin would become Black Ice in the area where I had previously shoveled it clear myself.

On the 28th Ed Returned to make sure the rest of the road was similarly treated.


Full, road wide treatment for Black Ice.  Did you know Black Ice was named for Blackie?  He is very proud of his ability to produce in copious amounts.

Look at that full width coverage - You just know the Ed Black Ice will be good and thick, just like him.

Up, up, up the hill - slide, slide slide back down.

Almost to the flat turn around, which used to have a large Ponderosa Pine in the middle.  And now, on to Dead Man's Hill, Black Iceman's favorite place.
See?  See?  These are tiny bits of black top which are very occasionally visible.  This is the mark of a true Back Iceman job.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Get the Truth - A beginning

When Arthur had the initial motorcycle accident on September 27, 1997 he had started college in Santa Barbara, intening to major in physics.  

He had grown into a handsome young man from being a cute little boy.

No one expected him to survive - but I spent every waking moment at his bedside at Cottage Hospital.Arthur had been riding with just a tee-shirt and the shirt and most of shin had been sheered from his body.   Although he e was heavily sedated he could still feel the agonizing pain when, every morning, the nurses again removed the scabs from his body.  I  held him for the nurses to hasten their work.  

Arthur had been wearing the strongest helmet, with faceplate made when he hit the asphalt at a hundred miles an hour.  Despite this, his face was caved in so badly the attending physicians did not want to bother to repair it.  I insisted, telling them he would live.

I still keep the names of the nurses who attended him in my wallet to remind me how many people I need to give thanks for every day, and for the blessing that he lived.

When he turned the corner Arthur did come back to us. He was bewildered, traumatized and fragile, having lost eyesight, memory and cognitive acuity. But he began the slow and anguishing process of reassembling his life. 

In the middle of this process my husband, Craig Franklin, left me.  I later learned his reasons and that he was paying our oldest daughter, Morgan $5,000 a month to assist him by slandering me to my political contacts and associates, all of whom she had met through me.  The payments were affirmed through discovery during the divorce.  Also paid to Morgan was $10,000 to persuade me to turn off Arthur's life support.  She claimed she needed his heart for a transplant to save her life.  She was lying, her heart was perfectly healthy.  But this left me, again, traumatized and reeling with pain and grief.   

Morgan is a psychopathic, a condition she came by through her biological father, Richard Lee Barteaux. Morgan had destroyed
Things happen in our lives over which we have no control and many things happened to me and to my son in the aftermath of the divorce, which shocked and stunned the entire family in 1998 – 1999.  This took place immediately after I had saved Craig from his blatant irresponsibility in never, not once, filed our tax returns, despite the fact our marriage had been predicated on his promise to do so. Three of the small Pay Stubs

As reparations Craig told me I could keep any refunds as my separate property. To others, outside my presence, he sneered at my assertion I would get it all back, and quickly. 

I had forced Craig to see a therapist, Dr. Marquart, who wrote a letter to the IRS affirming his emotional handicap and inability to file.

Since I routinely follow the news relating to issues of interest to me I was well aware the IRS was back, hat in hand, to Congress in 1997 asking for more funds for a new, up to date, system for processing, storage and high level encryption. They could not afford the publicity I was very willing to provide showing they routinely subjected emotionally handicapped non-filers to what were, essentially terrorist tactics to optimize what could be extorted from them. One sympathetic IRS Agent had, usefully, provided information on the number of suicides resulting from these emotionally traumatic events. 

Craig picked up the mail about six weeks after I sent the letter to the IRS provided in the article. He also opened it pulling forth the first refund check for $44,000.00. This was followed by more checks, coming to a total of about a quarter million dollars. 

This is likely the moment he decided to divorce me and make one of the issues forcing me to hand back the money. Unbeknownst to him I used the money to pay off our monumental debts as a gift to him. Craig learned this in court the next spring, I had been saving it as a surprise for him on Valentine's Day. 

 No one has to take my word for what happened.  The evidence is up on line documented with affidavits, depositions, legal documents, photos, and recordings. This is how I handle the kind of people who have no conscience and cannot be trusted. 

It was not until after Craig left, in fact in 2003, I discovered Craig had married me to gain access to my young daughters. Craig is a sexual pervert whose focus is incest. This is why he persuaded my former husband, Ron, to give up his parental rights in 1989 so he could adopt the children via naming them in his will as his natural children and heirs. He had, covertly, begun this process as soon as we were married. This Declaration by my daughter Ayn, documents his attempt to denegrate me as he groomed them for his sexual purposes. 

It was the subsequent will, identical to the first in every way, except for removing the loan to his brother, Sterling, what Craig had his attorney steal from the family home in the first week of 1998. Not realizing this I was shocked when my attorney told me Craig had claimed he had never adopted the children or held them out as his children. He lied. Craig lies as a matter or routine. 

I found the original, signed will, in a graphics book a year later. The unsigned copy of the second will was still on my computer where he had written it. I had used the old will as waste paper while making up a graphics project. Wills

Craig conspired criminally with the president of Green Hills Software, Inc., in a “Throw Mama From the Train,” deal to defraud me of my marital share of options in the corporation. I've published on this a dozen times. They never respond because suing me would open them up to a responsive suit on my behalf and on behalf of Dan's partner, Glenn Hightower, who was unable to exercise the partnership agreement between himself and O'Dowd because Craig lead a walk out during due diligence of critical employees. 

The subsequent lawsuit, or which I had no knowledge at the time, is below.
7. Annexed hereto and marked as Exhibit 7, Nos a, b., c, d, and e, are true and exact copies of the originals in my possession of the following court documents:

[a.] Glenn Hightowervs. Daniel O'Dowd, Case No. BS 053127, Superior Court of the State of California for the County of Los Angeles, September 17, 1998, DECLARATION OF WAYNE B. WEISMAN FILED BY APPLICANT GLENN HIGHTOWER IN SUPPORT OF APPLICATION FOR PRELIMINARY INJUNCTION”

[b.] “Glenn Hightowervs. Daniel O'Dowd, Case No. BS 053127, Superior Court of the State of California for the County of Los Angeles, HIGHTOWER'S OPPOSITION TO O'DOWD'S MOTION FOR ORDER DISSOLVING PRELIMINARY INJUNCTION, December 15, 1999, Filing Date September 2, 1998; [c.] Glenn Hightower vs. Daniel O'Dowd, Case No. BS 053127, Superior Court of the State of California for the County of Los Angeles, RESPONSE TO OBJECTION TO (PROPOSED FIRST MODIFIED INJUNCTION, December 15, 1999; September 17, 1998

[d.] “Glenn Hightowervs. Daniel O'Dowd, Case No. BS 053127, In the Court of Appeal of the State of California, Second Appellate District, REMITITUR,” Copy of original order, opinion or decision entered in the above-entitled cause of July 1, 1999 and that this order, opinion or decision has now become final, signed by Joseph A. Lane, Clerk, September 3, 1999. Opinion Hightower is likely to prevail if there is proof of unlawful action by O'Dowd.

[e.]AMERICAN ARBITRATION ASSOCIATION No. 72Y 180 0960 98,” a true and exact copy of the originals that are in my possession, which is a series of documents generated by the law suit filed by Hightower against Dan O'Dowd over O'Dowd's exercise of their sudden death partnership agreement on January, 1998. Decision that unlawful action is not proved.

Transcript obtained by Morgan Pillsbury from Craig, October 1999.

And the story goes on. I promised Arthur I would do everything in my power to get him the rehabilitation the criminal acts of Green Hills, Craig and others denied him. I will keep that promise. 

There is black ice on the road and an attempt to harass, defraud, and defame me and deny me access to essential services and put my life, and my son's at risk. Ask Ed Black to provide some proof of his claims - what ever they are. 

Know the truth and the Truth will set you free.Next Time - Morgan to November 2002. 

Ed Black Again Demonstrates His Expertise for Producing Black Ice

My son and I have lived through a nightmare here on the Mountain due to the unwillingness of local deputies to take reports and the Tulare Sheriff's Office failure to investigate the disappearance of Sharon Whittaker.  

In my world when someone disappears, leaving their windows gaping open in the middle of winter looking them to ensure all is well is obligatory.  I reported these observed facts and was ignored.  As would be true of anyone I wondered what would happen if I disappeared along with my son.  

Sometime earlier Arthur had become lost and the response from emergency personnel was immediate and heart warming.  He was found, much chilled and disoriented but otherwise uninjured.   Arthur is disabled but he is a precious, honorable man who works hard at the simple rehabilitative opportunities open to him.  

When he had the initial motorcycle accident on September 27, 1997 he had started college in Santa Barbara and intended to major in physics.  

No one expected him to survive - but I spent every waking moment at his bedside at Cottage Hospital.  

He came back to us.  He had lost eyesight and memory but he began the slow and anguishing process of reassembling his life.  In the middle of this process my husband left me. He did not want a disabled person in his life and in the most hurtful way possible told Arthur this, having invited him out to lunch to renew his fatherhood and relationship with him. 

Arthur did not tell me this.  He simply curled into himself and refused to communicate.  Two weeks later he shot himself through the brain.  

Two major brain injuries.  I have been his caretaker ever since.  

If you want more of the story - plus evidence, you can find it here. 

Now, about Ed Black and his road clearing.  

I am paying for road clearing, having sent a check for  $100.00 to the CSMWC with notification payment was on the way on December 23, 2015.  

Here is the job Black did this morning.  

This is not 'clearing.'  This is an intentional attempt to produce black ice and make the road impassable.  Since most of you reading this live in the mountains you know compressing snow produces black ice.  To ensure this happened he ran the vehicle over the road, without a blade for clearing, twice.  

His tracks go all the way up the road I need to take for church, go the Post Office and get groceries.  His intention is clear. 

I will not be silenced, kept from telling the truth by anyone. 
The truck he used is the property of the Cedar Slope Mutual Water Company so, presumably, he was acting as an employee in his official capacity.

He wanted the black ice to stretch up the road to the turn around, and it will.

This follows the path exactly of where I had cleared, making the distance as short as possible for me. 

And here you can see the road curve up onto the turn around, which is also uncleared.

And the uncleared road continues up the steep hill, which will be impassible even with chains.

Black is being paid to do this by the Cedar Slope Mutual Water Company, so they are responsible and complicit. 

I am disgusted, fed up and outraged. 

And below, between the trees, you see where he used to park and jerk off.  The first time I was it I was stunned and terrified.  That did not change for a long, long time.  But worse, was not being believed.  I have always been an honest person, trusted and responsible 

I will take steps to stop this abuse.