Thursday, February 11, 2016

FBI Surveillance was again in evidence - 5:05am and still now at 5:28am February 11, 2016

It does make you wonder.  Why would John Greenfield change his wifi to something so silly?  But life is, as they say.

I'm walking a little, meaning to the end of the drive way without a cane.  Progress.  

The snow is nearly all melted around here and the temperature is definitely on the up tick.  Building in this area is insanity without using materials which are absolutely fire-proof and resistant to the other challenges high propensity fire areas present. 

The meeting in NY went well and this problem may soon have a set of solutions which are affordable and effective. 

Also, the electric services has gone out nearly as often as a politician lies.  I have learned, as is common with utility companies, there have been no upgrades in the infrastructure, only repairs. 

Utility companies are legally immune from the damage caused by their failure to maintain their infrastructure.  Neither company responsible for fires causing billions of dollars in damage in the last decade paid a penny for damages.  

With the potential for fire in high chaparral and mountain areas, especially those with a heavy representation of dead trees, getting the power lines out and going off grid should be a no brainer. 

This article mentions the impact of fire and other problems with these issues.  

The Bush Legacy of Death 


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