Wednesday, February 10, 2016

FBI Surveillance popped up between 3am and 4:36am today, February 10, 2016

Why FBI?  Why not CIA?  The FBI did pop up just after Greenfield Cabin G2 disappeared so, logically, these events would appear to be related. 

Of course, there are probably ways the Occupant of the cabin activating the wifi connection could do so remotely.  Not being a paid hacker I would not know.  But I know people who are hackers, so I will inquire. 

Hackers hack.  This includes illegal and unauthorized accessing of computers by various means.  From my experience with Morgan and Sidney Blumenthal and his minion I know for a fact keyloggers and other sneak programs can provide illegal access and be used to steal, and eliminate, data. They can also, evidently, eliminate inconvenient documents from websites.  This would also be a hack.  Illegal. 

I just checked.  FBI Surveillance has disappeared again.  It is 4:45am.

If this was the owner of the cabin below me, John Greenfield, and this is supposition, he could be performing professional, if illegal and covert, duties on behalf of a client.  The client might be Green Hills Software, Inc., or Craig Franklin, or both of them since they have a long history of engaging in cover-ups to immunize themselves against the consequences of their actions.  More on that later.  

Now, on to the subject at hand.

Sidney Blumenthal uses the handle SBwhoeop.  You could just google this to verify but instead I will provide some evidence.  Read on. 

This is one of the documents I had never looked at Morgan sent me in 2002.  It is titled, 20020115sbwhoeop. It denotes a chat between Sid and Gene Gaudette, who contacted Morgan during this period and persuaded her to out Fund.  He also put up the original Ruthless People site for me.

The two journalists under discussion are Lloyd Grove, then at the Washington Post and Jim
Romenesko.  Lloyd Grove reported on the relationship between Morgan and Fund,

Romenesko did not and did not recall receiving the email from Gene Gaudette. 
Blumenthal was using this handle during the Clinton Administration and continued to use it.
He set an email to Morgan on Date:6/23/2002 7:24:46 AM Eastern Standard Time.
This was the email which enraged Morgan and moved her to hack Blumenthal's computer 
eventually resulting  in her discovering Blumenthal was working with the Clintons to keep
Saddam Hussein in Iraq so the invasion could go forward. 
Morgan was still sending some emails on to me in early 2003, after we had made the mistake 
reporting these activities to the CIA through my dear friend, Shelley's husband, Donald Steury, 
always said he was the Historian at the CIA.  Now Donald is president of the Society for History in
the Federal Government. 
Donald also writes books
After the Iraqi Invasion, when no indictment of Blumenthal and the Clintons took place, I realized 
I had been too trusting.  Is that an understatement.   GHS provided the documents needed to destroy 
Morgan's credibility, and my own, and then, surprise, began receiving big government contracts. 
So, why do you suppose John Greenfield, or whoever, did not use CIA instead of FBI? 


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