Friday, February 26, 2016

FBI Surveillance again showed up after several days of absence

The former Greenfield Cabin G2 was not in evidence last night and had not been for several days before, though I could have missed him. I only look very occasionally.

Cedar Slope used to be, for me, synonymous with happiness, safety and the companionship of good people.  That is, of course, no longer true.  It will never be so again, but I will tell the stories of the community which existed here. Now, this tiny place, so beautiful externally as it is, set in an alcove of quiet,  seems like a world of greed, ugliness, deceit, a nightmare overtaking everything which makes us human. 

I have learned to see adversity differently now.  In all things, Christ is present and God, the Father, is acting.  

The call to Oneness with God and each other is the Gift of Him who died for us on the cross and so opened the door to a people lost, our ancestors.  

No longer the God of Israel alone, the message for salvation was extended to all, either then living or yet to be. 

But those who refused to hear remained in the world, focused on greed and sins, destruction, war and corruption.  Understanding this and recognizing the Oneness of the real humanity, those who love, live in conscience, empathize with the pain and needs of others, is the call of Revelation.   



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