Thursday, January 14, 2016

How Curious - Greenfield Cabin G2

Presumably when the cabin below me, owned by former President for the Cedar Slope Mutual Water Company, John Greenfield, is unoccupied the router and satellite are shut off.

And since recently I had to restart my router because of those curious electrical outages for which Southern California Edison could find no cause you would think the wifi access for the Greenfield Cabin could never thereafter appear on the list of possible online connections available since it did not for some days after this event. 

But there it was, again, this in the middle of the week when the Greenfield Cabin is, by all appearance, vacant.  Appearances means Greenfield is not running his Quad up and down the hill.  I have never seen him actually walking and he certainly appeared to be one of the people assisting Ed Black in the production of Black Ice recently.  See Black (Ice) Edward

My experiences with John Greenfield have been consistently unpleasant dating from the first in the early 90s when he came up to say hello while the entire family was here for a few days.  Even Craig was here.

The only thing which stuck in my mind was Greenfield's making inappropriate remarks, almost advances, toward my then 15 year old daughter.  After that I had no interest in advancing the acquaintanceship.  

Moved to curiosity through the appearance, generally late at night, of Greenfield Cabin G2, I googled Greenfield.  A John Greenfield appeared in Linkedin.  His picture coincides with what I remember of the the John Greenfield in the cabin below me.

 This John Greenfield, who may or may not be the owner and operator for Greenfield Cabin G2, more research is necessary to nail down this as fact, works at Practical Law Company, a "Thomson Reuters Legal Solution" providing services in a diverse number of areas around the globe. 

This John Greenfield has 381 connections through Linkedin.  Five people known to me, all with connections to the legal profession, have 2nd Connects to Greenfield.  Given what Greenfield does for a living this is not surprising.  But it is the first time this many connections have popped up when I do not also know the 3rd level Connect.  Greenfield has 361 1st Connects.  I have 1,161 1st Connects, a fact unknown to me until now.

Below is John Greenfield's Summary

"Sales and management leader consistently exceeding sales quota for companies delivering legal solutions. Direct development and growth of staff while also maintaining oversight and management of strategic accounts.

Excel in turning around underperforming accounts and territories. Contribute to existing, as well as, startup environments, including achieving 100% of quota in first 9 months for Practical Law Company’s US launch.


Trial Consulting
Legal Research
Online Database Sales
Document Management
Electronic Data Discovery (EDD)
Electronically Stored Information (ESI)"  

Interesting.  And research continues sporadically - or when I can sit up.

Just looked - Greenfield Cabin G2 disappeared.  

Arthur and I are watching the six part film of  Pride and Prejudice right now.  Last night we viewed Part II.

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