Thursday, January 21, 2016

A Light in the Greenfield Window at 6:41am - and wifi connection denoted as, "FBI Surveillance. "

From:  Gawker 

COMMENT - And the Fab Five appeared as having visited this post within nanoseconds of posting. Funny.  Are they worried I might post the Hillary story?  Hadn't thought about it. And actually now I am writing a book about the experience using more recent research. 

And at 8:00am the FBI have disappeared.  Probably went on a coffee break. 

11:54pm - They're back.  Long coffee break.

8:09pm -  Gone for the moment.  Will they be back as the CIA?  

It is important for everyone to express their creativity and sense of humor. But does asserting your individuality really need to involve giving your wifi network a wacky name? And do you really need to call it "FBI SURVEILLANCE VAN?" You're freaking me out. 

17-year-old Florida resident Jared Cano was arrested Tuesday for attempting to blow up his high school. It's a generally disturbing story, but one bizarre detail in particular made my hair stand on end. Two days before he was arrested Cano posted on his Facebook that his friend had tried to connect to a wireless network and spied a wifi network named "FBI_SURVEILLANCE_VAN." He was understandably creeped out, as you can see in the screenshot above.

Is the FBI really so dumb that they gave themselves away to a mark like this? Unless Inspector Clouseau has taken over for Robert Mueller, this was not a surveillance van, but a joke by some neighbor. Naming your wifi network after a surveillance van is such a common gag that Mashable included it on a list of "best wifi names". The butt of the joke this time happened to be a guy who was at that moment scheming about how to one-up the Columbine massacre. All a strange coincidence!  MORE

So, is the FBI over there in the Greenfield cabin - or is there a more rational explanation?  

Time will tell, it always does.   

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